Website Color Makeover: Anna Magruder Art






Looking for a simple way to freshen up your site? A background color change along with new header graphics can give your site a completely new style. And it’s an affordable way to re-brand your business and boost your professionalism. Recently I helped artist Anna Magruder, who paints gorgeous vintage-style portraits, create an elegant new look for her site!




Color Makeover/Style Tips

  • Think about your business brand and the mood you want to convey to your viewers. What words come to mind? What colors match your concepts? Is it playful, serious, trustworthy, creative, eco-friendly, etc.
  • Choose no more than two colors and fonts for your site, and use shades of these colors for a clean, professional look. One color + black and white works well too.
  • Neutral backgrounds are best for showcasing art or handmade products so that your work stands out and viewers are not distracted.
  • For whimsical, craft or children’s products/services, adding a playful design element or swatch of material in the background can work well.
  • Subtle nature imagery in the background can enhance human services businesses such as healers, coaches or counselors.
  • Earth tones (a good mix of light and dark) work well for builders and environmental organizations, bright greens boost eco-products.

Considering a web makeover? Connect with me. I’d be happy to take a quick look at your site and offer you ideas. 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Clare

    Nice, on point makeover! I love Anna Magruder's art, too, so it was a pleasure to be reminded of her work!

  2. Robin Phillips Studio

    Thanks Clare! Anna's portraits are just stunning, aren't they?