WordPress Tips – Security Basics

Welcome to my new series of WordPress tips!  Let’s start this topic off with a bang and talk security… If you run a WordPress site, it needs ongoing protection or sooner or later you’ll run into difficulty.  As hackers, spammers and bots get … Read More

Design, Branding and Color Psychology

  Time for some color inspiration! What colors best describe you or your business and attract the audience you seek? From The Complete Book of Color (a long time favorite on my bookshelf): Red- active, passionate Orange- creative, joyful Yellow- … Read More

Website Color Makeover: Anna Magruder Art
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          Looking for a simple way to freshen up your site? A background color change along with new header graphics can give your site a completely new style. And it’s an affordable way to re-brand your … Read More

Creative Time Management/Visualization

Looking for a creative way to manage multiple tasks and be productive during your work day? A way to stay inspired and focused on building your business? Recently, I was asking myself the same thing. With so many things to … Read More

Blog Redesign

The RPS blog is evolving! Stay tuned for theme posts/series that cover everything that is happening around the studio, design ideas, creative business tips and more. In the Studio:  Latest works from the studio in painting, graphic design, web design, … Read More

Inspirational Book: Wishes Fulfilled

  Inspirational books are important part of my office bookshelf. While spiritual/inspirational authors don’t always give direct business advice, many of them offer mental success strategies and encouragement to follow your dreams which is so important for artists and creative … Read More