Mission and Vision

Celebrate life! Honor and be in awe of this amazing earth. Spread love. Believe it is possible to create a better world.  🙂

As a visionary artist, I believe in the power of positive imagery and encouraging messages to help one another and our planet.  And as a graphic/web designer, I often serve business visionaries- creatives, healers, indie entrepreneurs, non-profits… Read more about why I create inspirational/ healing art here.


Based in Portland, Oregon, I am an artist, designer and WordPress web developer who has a love for many creative mediums and a deep calling to inspire and heal. My journey began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and minor in psychology. In the past 20 years, I have honed my skills in graphic/web design, marketing, painting/illustration and fiber arts/sewing. Over 60 gallery exhibitions have featured my work as well as national magazines, non-profit and business publications. CV available upon request.

Art/Design to Inspire
  • Original paintings + prints- My work is often displayed in private collector’s homes, inspirational gift shops, galleries, spiritual centers or healthcare spaces. View many of my available pieces in the RPS Shop. Additionally, I welcome inquiries about wholesale orders or commissions.
  • Inspirational branding + graphic design + web development services to promote your business- Primary client base includes creatives, healing professionals, indie businesses and non-profits. Learn more here!
  • Website training sessions- Get inspired, learn, create. Learn more here!
  • Whimsical, joyful illustration + surface design for licensing/publishing– Strong fit for new age/inspirational gifts, science fiction/fantasy, craft/sewing, and children’s publishing markets.


If you’re seeking any of the above, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s connect.