WordPress Tips – Security Basics

  Welcome to my new series of WordPress tips!  Let’s start this topic off with a bang and talk security… If you run a WordPress site, it needs ongoing protection or sooner or later you’ll run into difficulty.  As hackers, spammers and bots … Read More

Holiday Show/Sale + New Paintings!

It’s that time of year again… Happy Holidays! A collection of my small originals and prints are on sale this month:   RPS ONLINE SHOP HOLIDAY SALE For the next two weeks (December 6-20), I’m running a holiday sale in … Read More

Reflection painting, Siren Nation

  re-flec-tion 1. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. “the reflection of light” 2. serious thought or consideration. Synonyms: contemplation, pondering, mediation.   I created this painting for the Siren Nation … Read More

Fall Shows, Sacred Connection + Ecstatic Joy

This fall/holiday season, I am happy to once again be in multiple gallery shows!  For the month of October, two of my recent pieces are on display: Sacred Connection and Ecstatic Joy.  It’s my third time participating in Splendorporium’s Tarot/Day … Read More

Reflections in the Fall Garden

  An extraordinary magnificence In her dying hour Leaves fly through the air Like flecks of gold   Fleeting but never forgotten She turns within Deep embers burning A rebirth unfolds   (short poem I wrote recently) It’s harvest time … Read More

New Site Launch: Soft Brush Studio

Latest website from the studio!   Darlene Kaplan of Soft Brush Studio creates serene and beautiful Oriental brush paintings in addition to offering art classes year round. Her work is just lovely, isn’t it? For this site, the goal was to … Read More

Art Healing

          Excited to reveal my latest painting, Art Healing!  This piece celebrates the power of art to promote mental, physical and emotional healing. I firmly believe that art can lift our spirits, and furthermore it can … Read More

Soul of the Dragon

My latest piece, Soul of the Dragon, is part of Fire on the Water: Dragon Boat Art , curated by the fabulous Alea Bone of Bonewerx. Again this year, I’m excited to be part of this show featuring over 60 local artists! This show celebrates … Read More

Inspire- Spring

Happy Spring! Inspirations lately…   “Our greatest joy is when we seek to do good for others” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu The Portland Home and Garden show, Orchid Society       A touch of spring in the garden….   … Read More

Dog Paintings

Premonition, 12″ x 12″, oil on canvas, framed- $350 © Robin Phillips Studio Can I tell you how much I love dogs…. 😉  My animal family is a big part of my life, so recently I had the wonderful opportunity … Read More

Recent Artist Websites + Website Training
| |

            If you’ve been following RPS lately, you’re likely awaiting my new website to see my updated portfolio. 🙂 I’m still working diligently on the new site (coming soon I promise, stay tuned!) In the … Read More

New Year Inspiration

Inspiration Minis series, © Robin Phillips Studio Wise Tree © Robin Phillips Studio I love how the new year is naturally full of promise. What are your goals this year? This week we’ve been hit with record snow and my mind … Read More

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