Costa Rica
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Back in February, we took some needed R & R and ventured to Costa Rica for 10 days. In short, it was an amazing trip which enriched my vision to create! 🙂 We rented a car and traveled around the … Read More

Reflections in the Fall Garden

  An extraordinary magnificence In her dying hour Leaves fly through the air Like flecks of gold   Fleeting but never forgotten She turns within Deep embers burning A rebirth unfolds   (short poem I wrote recently) It’s harvest time … Read More

Inspire- Spring

Happy Spring! Inspirations lately…   “Our greatest joy is when we seek to do good for others” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu The Portland Home and Garden show, Orchid Society       A touch of spring in the garden….   … Read More

New Year Inspiration

Inspiration Minis series, © Robin Phillips Studio Wise Tree © Robin Phillips Studio I love how the new year is naturally full of promise. What are your goals this year? This week we’ve been hit with record snow and my mind … Read More

Moments in the Garden

  (Early April in the garden) “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”  ~Claude Monet This year, we are so fortunate that spring arrived early… and now it is practically like summer here! The garden is almost a … Read More

Yucatan, Mexico

Time has really flown by since my last post, but now I have Mexico pictures for you! Recently, I’ve been immersed in a busy stretch of new website projects and paintings- which I am excited to share soon. Anyway, without … Read More

New Year, New Horizons

Around here, we are ready to ring in the new year!         And in a few short weeks Jeff and I are off to the Yucatan! On our way, we will visit family we haven’t seen in … Read More

Happy Holidays!

Coyotes Under the Moon © Robin Phillips Studio Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday! Around here we are in the holiday spirit- handmade woodland home style 😉 Little collectibles from Audubon Wild Arts Fair! (Yes I had … Read More

Art + Craft + Gardens – BC

  Now I know why they call it ‘Beautiful British Columbia‘ – truly so much art, design and stunning nature in this region! A couple months ago, Jeff and I spent a week between Victoria and Vancouver visiting gardens, art … Read More

Love Art, Craft + Free Design Download!

  A new painting is in the works! Soulmates. You may have seen glimpses of this one before. It’s been lingering in the studio waiting to get finished, and I’m working on it again. Stay tuned, I will reveal the final painting … Read More

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