Art Healing





Art Healing, 8″ x 8″, acrylic on canvas, © 2017 Robin Phillips Studio


Excited to reveal my latest painting, Art Healing!  This piece celebrates the power of art to promote mental, physical and emotional healing. I firmly believe that art can lift our spirits, and furthermore it can transcend a person’s difficulties and encourage positive well being. As an artist, I have long known the personal rewards of creating art, and I have also witnessed the joy it provides for those in need of healing, whether or not they “know how” to create art. In the painting, I depict the experience of either viewing or creating art initiating a spiritual transformation which fills the mind and body with vibrancy.  (Read more about my interest in art and healing here.)

This piece is currently on display in a wonderful show to benefit our local Alzheimer’s Association. Portland friends, I hope you can stop by!

A-Z Art to End Alzheimers

Milwaukie City Hall & Bay Galleries, 10722 SE Main St., Milwaukie, OR

Exhibition runs: July 7-July 31, M-F 8am-5pm

Opening reception on First Friday, July 7, 5-7pm 

Facebook event page


In the studio, creating Art Healing:

For this piece, I started with sketches. First I developed an idea for the composition and then created a rough sketch of the head…

I built up layers of acrylic wash to add muscle tone to the face:


Next, I evened out the color with more layers and began the background.  As you can see my first background ended up changing a bit later! It’s always fun to let a more intuitive process take over.

Sometimes my initial idea morphs into something else.



More light and detail, changing background…



Framed and ready for the show! And a glimpse of Jewel Inside and Reflection in the background (more on those coming along soon).