Universal Love + Portland Love Show
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    agape- “an ancient greek term referring to the highest form of love”  “a response of the heart to all existence of life”  “in a state of wonder” “universal love”  “spiritual love” In a nutshell, these various definitions describe my … Read More

Reflection painting, Siren Nation

  re-flec-tion 1. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. “the reflection of light” 2. serious thought or consideration. Synonyms: contemplation, pondering, mediation.   I created this painting for the Siren Nation … Read More

Fall Shows, Sacred Connection + Ecstatic Joy

This fall/holiday season, I am happy to once again be in multiple gallery shows!  For the month of October, two of my recent pieces are on display: Sacred Connection and Ecstatic Joy.  It’s my third time participating in Splendorporium’s Tarot/Day … Read More

Art Healing

          Excited to reveal my latest painting, Art Healing!  This piece celebrates the power of art to promote mental, physical and emotional healing. I firmly believe that art can lift our spirits, and furthermore it can … Read More

Soul of the Dragon

My latest piece, Soul of the Dragon, is part of Fire on the Water: Dragon Boat Art , curated by the fabulous Alea Bone of Bonewerx. Again this year, I’m excited to be part of this show featuring over 60 local artists! This show celebrates … Read More

Dog Paintings

Premonition, 12″ x 12″, oil on canvas, framed- $350 © Robin Phillips Studio Can I tell you how much I love dogs…. 😉  My animal family is a big part of my life, so recently I had the wonderful opportunity … Read More

Healing Power of Art/ The Light Within

  Spirit Bird © Robin Phillips Studio I am honored that my piece Spirit Bird has been selected for The Healing Power of Art 2016 exhibition organized by Manhattan Arts International, which runs through September 20! “Art holds the power to ignite … Read More

Painted Dragons

The Grand Dragon Race © Robin Phillips Studio I’m pleased to be participating once again in the local show, Fire on the Water: Dragon Boat Art , curated by the fabulous Alea Bone of Bonewerx. This show celebrates the art … Read More

Through the Enchanted Forest Painting

Through the Enchanted Forest, 16″ x 12″, Acrylic/Mixed Media © Robin Phillips Studio I created this small piece for the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Art Show curated by Kelly Williams, currently on display at Portland’5 Centers for the Arts through May … Read More

New Series! Spirit Animal Paintings

  Excited about my latest small series of ten pieces- Spirit Animals! For nature lovers and people of spirit across world cultures, animals and birds hold a special place in our hearts. Spiritual meanings of animals vary in different traditions, … Read More

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