Bright New Year

Happy New Year!  I love the energy at the start of a new year.  In the stillness, there’s a new beginning where everything seems possible. I hope that 2014 brings you bright blessings and everything you wish for.

Happy Holidays!

Scenes around here lately…..   Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday! Love and Peace, Robin, Jeff, Iko, Jorellis, Kiva, Phantom and Cassidy

Rustic Fall Decor Inspiration

There’s something so cozy about simple, handmade decor touches. I adore items that have stories to tell, like a century old quilt pattern or a vintage-inspired painting. Living in a small town just outside the city, the rustic country vibe … Read More

Art, Craft, Design, Photo and Decor Inspiration!

Lately I absolutely love Pinterest. It’s the perfect place to collect all my inspirations which find their way into my art, patterns and designs. I also share new art and designs here all the time. If you haven’t found me … Read More

Summer Travels/Inspiration

birthday bouquet – berry patch table runner Now that the summer is winding to a close, it’s fun to look back at everywhere we went. I love August. It’s my birthday month, and nature is so abundant. Our garden is … Read More

Inside the Studio
| |

Finally, I have more pictures to share… Welcome to my new sunroom art studio and office, I love it so so much. Here is the full tour. 🙂 The painting in the background is Nene Dreams.  This piece is a … Read More

Enchanted Garden

  Welcome to my beautiful new garden…. I am so delighted by every part! The previous owner of our house was an accomplished gardener and we are so fortunate to be the new owners. Let me take you on a … Read More

A New Chapter

The blog has been quiet for a long time… but no worries I am still here! I have started a beautiful, new chapter in my life. Big life changes in the past few months- a wedding, a new house and … Read More

Summer Home and Garden

Everything is so abundant right now! I love walking around my little neighborhood, taking it all in. I live in a small countryish town, right outside the city. Even in our own yard, so much beauty…   The garden is … Read More

Garden Time!

I always find so much joy spending time in my garden and visiting gardens. As an artist, I love to study flowers and watch them grow. And now it’s growing season! Our vegetable garden is taking shape. We planted carrots, … Read More

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