Spreading Joy! Art with Meaning and Purpose

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Love Lives Here ©2012

Time for a glimpse of painting from my art studio- here are a few of my recent pieces. A lot of love goes into the pieces I create, whether it’s a simple
piece like Love Lives Here (above) or a larger painting. I believe it’s important to follow your passion and encourage other people to follow their passions. I believe in honoring nature, animals and connecting with all living beings. I believe in appreciating and loving each other more. I believe in dreams, hope, faith and cooperation, not competition. I believe in joy and abundance for everyone.
I hope that my art will inspire you, too.

These pieces are all available in the
RPS gift shop as 5×7 or 8×10 matted prints. And as a bonus, 20% on all orders today for
12/12/12 Love!  Orders can still arrive by Christmas if placed this week. Browse the shop: https://www.robinphillipsstudio.com

I’m also excited to offer a selection of my artwork as greeting cards, framed prints, canvas wraps and acrylic mounted prints in many different sizes on Fine Art America: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/robin-phillips.html. I love how you can see the color palette in each painting to match it to your room’s decor on FAA. Super cool! FAA will guarantee delivery by Christmas for orders placed by Dec 18.

Awakening ©2012  8″x6″

 ~At the moment of spiritual awakening, love and light forever surrounds us.~
Awakening is about opening to Spirit. The eye symbolizes the opening of the Third Eye Chakra, and the lotus blossom represents purity, regeneration and wisdom. I painted this piece on a small 6×8 canvas in acrylic.

Joyful Spirit ©2012   8″x6″

~At the ocean, birds soar high and fly free. Resting happily on the
sand, they perch on a log or scurry in the sand with such delight ~
piece was inspired by the spirit of birds at the shore. Originally, I painted this as an inspirational gift for my Dad, who is an avid bird watcher. And, of course my name represents a cheerful bird as well 🙂 Birds symbolize how we can be free spirits too. Every year I donate a bird painting to the Audubon Society for their local fundraiser.

Coyotes Under the Moon ©2011 9″x12″

~Coyotes dance in the mist, a magical night awaits. Dance, play and be happy! ~
 This piece was inspired by the coyote, a playful spirit. In Oregon, where I live, we see coyotes even in the city around forested areas. One day, after an unusual snow fall, I was out with my dog in a forested park. In the clearing, a coyote pranced out of the woods and came within several feet of us. This painting captures that playful moment.

For a little tour inside my (old) studio see :https://www.robinphillipsstudio.com/my-studio/

(Update 2013– I have now moved into a wonderful new home with a sunroom studio- Tour my new studio and garden here! )

 ~Love, peace and blessings to you in the new year coming~