Spirit & Nature solo show!

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pictured: Emergence, acrylic on canvas ©2022


Local friends, I hope you can join me for my solo show in downtown Milwaukie, OR on Milwaukie First Friday! The opening reception is Friday, August 4, 5:00 – 8:00 and the show runs through August 30, 2023. Over 40 of my pieces will be on display and there will be an assortment of prints and cards for sale too. In this space, there are several small walls, so my art will be grouped in thematic collections telling the story of my work as a whole and the underlying vision that ties it all together. It’s been a while since I had a solo show, so I’m excited about it!



Through my visionary painting, I aim to express a vision of spirit- joy, possibility, beauty. I feel it is important to discover, honor and celebrate all living beings. We gain great insight from our interconnection.  Each piece I create intends to convey a feeling that transcends the ordinary. I often incorporate symbols or icons within a piece to convey a deeper spiritual meaning about the subject. I believe that positive, symbolic imagery has a profound capacity to inspire and heal.


A lifelong love for plants and living creatures led me to pursue certifications recently in Botanical and Natural Science Illustration, as well as therapeutic nature-based expressive arts facilitation for future workshop offerings. As an avid gardener, I delight in studying and nurturing plants. In sunlight, plants glow and reflect light in stunning ways, and I believe this is the closest visual representation of their spirit. Spending time in nature is healing in many ways, and viewing nature-based art also provides some of these same benefits. I am also fascinated by the cycles and rhythms of life, and find endless inspiration even in the tiniest expressions of nature. It is increasingly becoming my goal to address the significance of nature, healing and conservation through art.

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8-30-23 Update: The show was a great success, and gratitude to everyone that stopped by as well as the Milwaukie Arts Committee for this opportunity!  I also posted a video of opening night on RPS Instagram. If you’re not already following me there, check it out 🙂

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