Soulmates + Spirit Bird Paintings






I’ve just finished two new oil paintings, Soulmates- 11×14 and Spirit Bird, 8×10. You may have seen glimpses of these in progress before, and I am proud to say they are now finally complete.


Soulmates captures the union of two hearts in a moment of pure bliss. Bluebirds and an idyllic landscape symbolize this delightful happiness that we call true love or sometimes first love. In every relationship, there is give and take, and thus the ying yang symbolizes perfect balance. Originally, I envisioned this piece as a possible Lovers card for a tarot deck. Perhaps it will someday be so! Soulmates prints are now available in the RPS shop.


Spirit Bird represents a moment of connecting with the divine. Birds are revered in many traditions as living close to spirit or as messengers of spirit. This piece doesn’t focus on any one tradition in particular, but rather celebrates the importance of spirituality in our lives. Whether it is a hopeful thought, prayer, meditation, reading, ceremony or song, it is like a moment of magic, possibility and upward flight. Spirit Bird prints are now available in the RPS shop.


And… both of these original paintings will be on display in Portland’s Siren Nation Paint Your Art Out show
opening next Saturday June 27, 6-9pm at Olympic Mills Building, 107 SE
Washington St. It will be a fun evening with live painting demos, art
auction, wine bar, music and more. Over 40 NW artists will be featured. If you live in Portland, stop by!


In the studio…..
Both pieces were painted with Holbein Duo Aqua oils from Japan. Water-soluble oils don’t always get a good review compared to long-standing traditional oils, but these are
remarkably high quality and are also compatible with traditional oils, acrylics and mediums.



Framed and hanging at the show…..


See more pics on Instagram @robinstudio 🙂

♥ Robin