Reflections in the Fall Garden

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An extraordinary magnificence

In her dying hour

Leaves fly through the air

Like flecks of gold


Fleeting but never forgotten

She turns within

Deep embers burning

A rebirth unfolds


(short poem I wrote recently)

It’s harvest time and we are finally getting much needed rain to calm wildfires here in the Northwest! Gratitude. Yesterday as I watched the rain nourish the garden, I said a prayer for all people enduring natural disasters right now.  Mother nature is so beautiful but also a force not to be messed with. We must care for her to end climate change. How much do we (and Earth) need to suffer before positive change can come? (Some good introductory reading on climate can be found on Greenpeace and NASA  and Nature websites). And I often pray that love may emerge as a stronger force to overcome destruction. In my humble work creating bright and symbolic images, I hope to spread these messages. A new piece, Abundance of Creation, is emerging on my easel right now. Stay tuned!



As we welcome the autumn equinox, the growing cycle winds down in such richness. It’s awe-inspiring to take a moment and look at the colors everywhere. Even amidst the smoke in the air, the garden is still flourishing. This year we’ve had an abundance of tomatoes and peppers. Eggplant, plums, squash, kale, herbs… In the summer months, we spend a lot of time cultivating and nurturing the garden but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So grateful to have and share this bounty.



Artichokes are so amazing at the end of their cycle. Usually I leave a couple unpicked just to see their delightful flower.



In the bird garden, Phlox and Lavender give a last flush of blooms… Still quite a few bees and birds stopping in since it isn’t too cold yet.



Our pond of koi is slowing down, but still eager to eat. If the weather is good, I will take a moment at the bench to gather my thoughts. 🙂


The Japanese garden bed



Vibrant colored leaves are everywhere. Hydrangeas once white, now age into red/rust. A special gem (in the middle) is Monrovia’s Wedding Gown hydrangea, double petal.



Still more roses to pick for a small bouquet. The sun comes out a bit and the dogs savor the moment too 🙂


Black Beauty rose. It’s a gorgeous deep red with no fragrance, the buds are like a Merlot wine. Don’t you love how it captures the sun at the edge?



Hello Mr. Grasshopper (don’t eat too much!) And spider mother weaving her web…. Always tiny treasures afoot in the garden.

Fairy garden now at rest…


“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than one seeks.” 
― John Muir