Little Whistler giclee print 8″x 10″

I created Little Whistler (Northern Saw-whet Owl) for a show highlighting native species and conservation concerns on the Oregon Coast. The Northern Saw-whet is one of the smallest species of owls in North America and also across the Pacific Northwest (just 6-8 inches tall!). Its population is slowly declining. Habitat loss due to logging and other factors like climate impact its nesting/breeding grounds. Similar in size Io a Robin or Jay, they are known for their unique whistling sound that is like a saw being sharpened on a whetstone. Other than its shrill sound, this little raptor is charming. They’re hard to spot but like to sit low in the branches- look in deciduous woods and forests along the coast and inland. Also known as Acadian owl, Charlotte owl, Kirkland’s owl, Saw-flier, Sparrow owl and White-fronted owl. Like all owls, it is said to be symbolic of sight, wisdom and mystery!


This is an unframed archival print of the original painting in watercolor and colored pencil, 8″ x 10″.