Japanese Garden Seasons – series of 4


This series of four Japanese garden paintings celebrate the constancy and beauty of nature amidst the changing cycles of the year. Each season has a purpose and a unique energy. The garden is a wise teacher of the circle of life. From seed to plant to harvest to compost and new seeds again, we rotate and evolve in a spiral through life.

Winter is a time of rest, nurturing and stillness. A time to admire what beautiful qualities still remain in our core. Seeds underground begin to gestate which will bring new life in the spring.

The Spring garden sprouts new life! The days are lighter and brighter. This is the season of re-emergence and beautiful new beginnings. Birds chirp happily and possibilities abound now.

In Summer, the garden is abundant, decadently filled with fruits and flowers. The lush, green grass is soft and warm under our feet.

The Fall garden withers gracefully with jewel tones in it’s final days. As the earth winds down to rest, the wind blows, and seeds scatter for the future.

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Each sized 8″ x 8″, these four paintings on wood panels are ready to hang with wire attached on back.

Perfect for a small wall space!

Original painting © Robin Phillips, signed and dated.

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6×6, 8×8