Fox Spirit Print


For nature lovers and people of spirit across world cultures, animals and birds hold a special place in our hearts. Spiritual meanings of animals vary in different traditions, so I painted this series of Spirit Animals with a general intention to promote love and reverence for animals. The background design is inspired by native weaving along with western motifs. My love of textiles, animals, and interest in nature-based spiritual traditions led me to choose this vibrant combination. In respect for indigenous cultures, I chose not to replicate any significant spiritual designs, instead I created a simple design based on more commonly used motifs.

10% of the sales from this print will be donated to World Wildlife Fund.



This high-quality photo print of the original painting ©2015 Robin Phillips Studio, is ready for framing.

Available in 8×8 format, it is packaged in an earth-friendly, compostable plastic bag.

Note: no mat is included due to the custom size.

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