New Year, New Horizons

Around here, we are ready to ring in the new year!





And in a few short weeks Jeff and I are off to the Yucatan! On our way, we will visit family we haven’t seen in a while in Atlanta, which will be so nice.  I will be posting pictures of our adventures on Instagram @robinstudio and RPS Facebook. Expecting to create a new series of paintings based on this trip, it will be an amazing experience. Can’t wait to discover the Mayan ruins, landscapes and gardens,  native art and crafts. We’ll be driving all over the peninsula visiting a variety of cities and of course, beaches. 🙂

In progress: Siamese Parlor, Meditation, Owl Spirit, Eagle Spirit paintings

In the studio lately…

Creating more small pieces to replace those sold for OneDer Gallery. If you’re in Portland, do check it out! All art is local and priced under $100- such a great deal.

In collaboration with Renee Phillips of Manhattan Arts International, I am now working on artist websites nationally. I’m delighted to be working with Renee, who is an amazing coach and advocate for the arts. A new RPS website is also in the works. Stay tuned!

And for fun, more holiday sewing.


In the new years sewing basket are more kitchen towels, hot pads, and perhaps a new table runner (if there is time :))  Sewers, stay tuned for new winter and spring pattern releases to be announced soon!

The winter garden…

I am always in awe watching nature cycle through the seasons. Isn’t it truly amazing? Now the garden is at rest, and it has cleared the slate for a new horizon, new growth, new possibilities.



We saw a few snowflakes in the air the other day, but alas no snow. Growing up in Wisconsin, I used to be so tired of the snow, but these days I have fond memories of how beautiful it looks. Especially on all the evergreens around here… a touch of snow would be nice! The rain drops we have are stunning though- shimmering on the plants in early morning light. And feeling thankful for how the winter rain keeps everything so nourished and green 😉

Japanese Garden- Winter  © Robin Phillips Studio

Blessings to you for a happy new year!

♥  Robin