New Series! Spirit Animal Paintings


Excited about my latest small series of ten pieces- Spirit Animals! For nature lovers and people of spirit across world cultures, animals and birds hold a special place in our hearts. Spiritual meanings of animals vary in different traditions, so I painted this series with a general intention to promote love and reverence for animals.  Created for the local Big 500 show, a large Portland affordable art show at People’s Art, I chose to honor woodland and mountain animals typical of the west, along with endangered animals close to my heart- lion and polar bear.

The show runs through December 31, if you are in Portland and haven’t seen it yet, check it out! The show also benefits the Oregon Food Bank with a food drive and a percentage of sales will be donated. Alongside People’s Art is also a great new gift shop, OnDer Gallery featuring local art under $100. A selection of my small paintings and prints are available here as well.

Most of the original paintings have now sold in the show. However if you were hoping to get one,
check out the Spirit Animal prints now available in the RPS shop! I will donate a percentage of the sale from each of these prints to World Wildlife Fund.


In the studio painting…

First I drew a background design inspired by native weaving along with western motifs. My love of textiles, animals, and interest in nature-based spiritual traditions led me to choose this vibrant combination. In respect for indigenous cultures, I chose not to replicate any significant spiritual designs,  instead I created a simple design based on more commonly used motifs.

Planning color palettes!

Filling in the background colors…

Painting the animals…
I started with a simple line drawing of each animal based on photographs. Then I added simple areas of shadow and highlights.


Filling in the details…
Here I begin adding more precise areas of shadow, line and highlights


Which one do you like best?



‘Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.’ -Anatole France