Happy Holidays!

Coyotes Under the Moon © Robin Phillips Studio

Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday! Around here we are in the holiday spirit- handmade woodland home style 😉

Little collectibles from Audubon Wild Arts Fair! (Yes I had to crochet robin’s eggs for the nest too :))

This sweet collection of santas and elves is from my childhood…

Iko loves sleeping on the dog’s bed

Made planters with garden odds and ends- Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Cedar, Euphorbia and Holly

Holiday sewing time! This year, new towels, potholders and pillows. Hoped to do a simple Xmas quilt too, but time flies away from me…

Paper fun- I embellished store cards this year to save time, but it was still fun getting to be a little crafty with holiday paper strips and sequins.

Peace + Love + Blessings

♥  Robin