Gicleé Art Prints Now in Shop!

I’m excited to announce that a selection of gicleé prints are now available in the RPS shop! Each giclée is signed, has a 1″ white border and is printed with archival, fade-resistant inks on archival quality paper. Collect my work affordably with these high quality prints. 🙂


~Universal Love © 2018~

A vision of our great mother (first human mother) in awe of and with deep love for the earth and universe. Let us be grateful for our existence, honor our planet and find kinship with others we walk beside. ♥️ $40. 10×10. Click image to purchase.



~The Light Within © 2016~

We all have a bright, beautiful spirit light within, regardless of our circumstances. Our magnificent internal light is all-encompassing, reflecting and refracting rainbow colors. It is our central beacon of hope and healing. Know that you always have this source within you. 


~Transformation © 2014~

As the season turns, mother earth comes to life renewed with unlimited possibility. This piece symbolizes spring- a time of growth, renewal or healing, and the beauty of changing cycles.

This is just a sampling – View full selection of giclee prints currently available here!

Also, if you would like a gicleé version of a print not shown in the RPS shop, you’re welcome to contact me. I’m happy to take special orders for individual prints as well.





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