Flower Spirits Series

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Spirit Flower © 2020 Robin Phillips Studio, acrylic and oil pastel 


Introducing a new series of illustrations honoring flowers! If you follow me on social media, you know I am a passionate gardener. My love for plants inspired me to learn more about floriography, the language and meaning of flowers. During a series of meditations I repeatedly saw a flower unfolding, nurtured by the light. It occurred to me that this was no ordinary flower but a representation of the radiance or spiritual essence of all living things. Flowers are a perfect symbol to show us the beauty, growth, and magic inherent in life. And thus a new series is emerging as I celebrate the flowers in my garden when they bloom throughout the year along with flowers I admire from all over the world. Every flower offers a unique gift.


Camellia © 2020 Robin Phillips Studio, acrylic and colored pencil – Known to symbolize love and affection, happiness or luck. Considered a health tonic to some, a perfect spiral in it’s unfolding.


It’s fascinating to think about how flowers have been a balm for the spirit since humans first recognized them. Just considering the sheer amount of flowering plants and their variations is awe inspiring. Cross pollination results in practically an endless spectrum of new flowers as each cycle turns. Many indigenous cultures first discovered the medicinal value of these magnificent expressions of nature as well. Across the world, there are numerous traditions in which flower symbolism plays a part. The kingdom of flora are certainly not just eye candy. Flowers are healers, harbingers of seasons, tokens of love and remembrance, symbols of peace and abundance- truly a living embodiment of beauty and spirit.


Forget Me Not © 2020 Robin Phillips Studio, acrylic and colored pencil – Honoring those who have passed, a token of love and affection, loyalty and truthfulness. Considered medicinal as an astringent.


For each flower in this series, I research the history, study the plant and share an inspirational meaning behind it. As the year unfolds, it is pure joy to feel the energy of what is blooming in the garden. Snowdrops and lenten roses initiate hope and promise at the beginning of the new year. Daffodil and tulip time means new beginnings. Irises and roses welcome growing season and so it goes on… Sometimes I meditate on the essence of a bloom and write a poem as well. I expect to write more as the series unfolds!


Trillium © 2020 Robin Phillips Studio, acrylic and colored pencil – This potent spiritual, healing flower also known as wake robin, birthroot, Indian balm is known to symbolize spirit in many traditions, as well as spring, birth and rebirth, balance, oneness, and recovery.


It’s my vision to illustrate many more spirit flowers and turn this collection into an inspiration deck or book at some point. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Check out RPS Instagram to see all I’ve created so far and follow my progress!


The garden – my sanctuary and muse


Note: All art on this site © Robin Phillips Studio. Please don’t copy any images without my permission. 

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