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Light A Candle © 2019 Robin Phillips Studio


It’s hard to find the words to express the multitude of emotions and difficult situations that most of us are going through these days… and I give thanks for so many of us that wish to make the world a better place.

But one thing I know is that now more than ever it’s so important to find something positive to hold on to- something that will provide fuel for our journey. When we look to everything that surrounds us, there are so many little things worth honoring and celebrating, even if the world seems like a mess. And especially if you are not feeling well, it’s a good time to focus on things you love even if just for a few moments, as you are able.

Many artists, coaches and counselors post a daily gratitude or inspirational project. So of course this idea is not new, but I believe that the more of us who do this spread love, hope and healing. Perhaps it is just the thing you need right now. Going forward, I plan to share more of my small illustrations and paintings along with a mixture of reflections, photos from my garden, videos of my four legged friends, and visual moments that convey the beauty or preciousness of life… Basically, anything that brings me a moment of joy or insight that day 🙂



So… Join Me!

I invite you to follow along with me on RPS Instagram or RPS Facebook and see glimpses of what I’m working on and what inspires me most.  And I encourage you to try a daily inspiration practice for yourself.  Here’s a free printable sheet (below) I put together to give you ideas! Reflect on these questions any time when you have a little space to yourself. No need to wait until you feel better for your life to be figured out. Even if you just keep it to yourself and don’t share it with anyone else, it is a gift just for you. In fact it has the most power when you are unsure of what will come next, when you need to find the hope and strength within 🙂

(Also, if you’re interested in an art print of either Light A Candle or Radiate It!, small 8×8 prints are available on request. Contact me to place an order! )

Wishing you love and peace,


Download Radiate It worksheet!



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