Emergence – Winter Song

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While it has been a considerably mild winter around here, I just finished a little piece celebrating new beginnings, “Emergence – Winter Song”



“In winter all the singing is in the tops of the trees” – excerpt from Mary Oliver’s poem White-Eyes

In the depths of winter it is still. The solitude of the garden beckons. It is spiritual, contemplative. In these quiet moments, new ideas emerge- new seeds to plant for the coming year! The blank canvas awaits.  The everlasting frame endures, giving birth to new life once again.  In the background of this piece is the vector equilibrium, proposed by Buckminster Fuller and often described as the blueprint by which nature forms energy into matter. This is a time of rest and hibernation, but also when things germinate. What is calling you?

May you find these peaceful moments and glimpse the wonder of life.





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