The Garden Has Sprung!
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It’s so exciting to see things grow 🙂 It’s a beautiful sunny day today, summer is here at last. We planted many seeds and starts in the garden this year, this will be my biggest garden yet. There are lettuces/greens, … Read More

My Studio

Here’s a mini tour of my studio 🙂  It has two work tables, a computer desk, a closet, and a beautiful window that looks out to our garden. (Update: see my new studio since 2013 here) I designed this quilt … Read More

Kuan Yin Spirit

Kuan Yin Spirit ©2011 Just completed this beautiful new painting, ‘Kuan Yin Spirit’, honoring Kuan Yin, Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion. Her ten arms represent the thousand arms she is said to have, that help the world. A pink light of … Read More

Cabin and Coyotes

I’ve been working on a lot of crafts lately, inspired by cabins, nature and the simple life. I’m almost finished with this cabin cross stitch- I altered a pattern I found based on an old sampler.  Then, I’ve started a … Read More

The Garden

I’m excited it’s finally time to get the garden started this year. We have a large plot in our backyard and we’ll be growing lots of herbs and vegetables. Hard work digging up a lot of weeds as a first … Read More

Spring Home

I love the spring time with all the flowering plants and trees- so full of beauty, hope and new possibility.  Here at my house, I feel this energy stirring. I live in a small folk art/country-style house (sometimes I call … Read More

Mission and Vision

Healing © Robin Phillips Studio give • love • inspire I believe in making life special…. …… through the power of positive imagery, uplifting words and helping one another. ….through embracing spirit and cherishing the special moments in every day. ……through living … Read More

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