Design, Branding and Color Psychology

  Time for some color inspiration! What colors best describe you or your business and attract the audience you seek? From The Complete Book of Color (a long time favorite on my bookshelf): Red- active, passionate Orange- creative, joyful Yellow- … Read More

Website Color Makeover: Anna Magruder Art
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          Looking for a simple way to freshen up your site? A background color change along with new header graphics can give your site a completely new style. And it’s an affordable way to re-brand your … Read More

Art + Craft + Gardens – BC

  Now I know why they call it ‘Beautiful British Columbia‘ – truly so much art, design and stunning nature in this region! A couple months ago, Jeff and I spent a week between Victoria and Vancouver visiting gardens, art … Read More

Love Art, Craft + Free Design Download!

  A new painting is in the works! Soulmates. You may have seen glimpses of this one before. It’s been lingering in the studio waiting to get finished, and I’m working on it again. Stay tuned, I will reveal the final painting … Read More

Winter Garden- Dew Drops, Art Prints

      Dew Drops © Robin Phillips Studio It’s been a warm winter here, almost like spring some days! Nonetheless, I’m still embracing the slow energy of winter- planning new business ideas and planting new seeds. Japanese Maple, winter … Read More

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season! Snowflake star ornaments, fun pattern from Connecting Threads Kiva with her Cozy Dog quilt Candy cane from my Novelty Holiday Blocks pattern 🙂 And a magical holiday visit to Portland’s stunning … Read More

Japanese Garden, Koi, and Crane Paintings

    I’m excited to reveal my newest series: Japanese Garden. Each of these originals will be available in the Big 500 show. opening this Saturday, Dec 13, for just $40 each plus prints are also now in the RPS … Read More

Art on sale! Black Friday – Cyber Monday

It’s officially the holiday season, and I’m celebrating with a special sale today thru Monday 12/2. 20% off all art, patterns and gifts in the RPS shop! Use code holiday20 during checkout 🙂 Original Paintings and Prints, many themes: nature, … Read More

30 Days of Painting- Birds, Japanese Gardens and beyond

Lately I’ve been painting a lot, preparing for local holiday shows including the Big 500 and Wild Arts Fair! In the next month, I will be posting new pieces as I finish them, with behind the scenes/progress photos exclusively here … Read More

Pets in the Studio

It’s no secret that I am an animal lover. And I love photographing and sketching my sweeties.  I also enjoy painting custom pet portraits! On a typical day, I’m usually surrounded by pets in my studio and office. Whether I’m … Read More

Inspired Design Style: Wildflower

The beauty of late summer meadows, sprinkled lightly with color amidst an earthy richness brings forth a rustic vibrance that is light as honey, yet rich as wine. There’s a unique glow this time of year as the days shorten … Read More

Creative Time Management/Visualization

Looking for a creative way to manage multiple tasks and be productive during your work day? A way to stay inspired and focused on building your business? Recently, I was asking myself the same thing. With so many things to … Read More

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