Blog Redesign

The RPS blog is evolving! Stay tuned for theme posts/series that cover everything that is happening around the studio, design ideas, creative business tips and more.

In the Studio:  Latest works from the studio in painting, graphic design, web design, and illustration.



Creative Business Tips: For creative and small business entrepreneurs, this series explores tips for successful web design, SEO, branding, marketing and more.


Studio and Garden: Step inside my home, studio and garden throughout the seasons. Follow our creative remodeling/landscaping/design projects and meet my adorable four-legged family.


Travel and Nature Inspirations: Journey along with me and my camera, capturing beautiful scenes near and far.

Inspire!:  Uplifting books, messages, scenes and stories that inspire my work.



Thinking of redesigning or branding your blog? Consider hiring a graphic designer to create custom header graphics or to help you design the layout. This increases the professionalism of your blog and enhances the organizational structure for your content. Typically, it is a very affordable project and you can use the same designs on your website or social media pages. A web designer can also help you optimize your blog so that it is search engine friendly. For my clients, I offer all of the above. For maximum SEO value, it’s important to build a blog in the website instead of hosting it elsewhere, and carefully consider category structure, post title names, and your domain name.

Here are some of my favorite resources that include professional blogging tips: