Art + Craft + Gardens – BC

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Now I know why they call it ‘Beautiful British Columbia‘ – truly so much art, design and stunning nature in this region! A couple months ago, Jeff and I spent a week between Victoria and Vancouver visiting gardens, art
galleries, artisan studios/craft shops, discovering neighborhoods and local
eats. It was lovely.

We left on the ferry from Port Townsend…




Coming up to Victoria, the regal Empress Hotel greets us.

Loved the hanging baskets everywhere. And the streets are rich with boutique shops, cafes, and hotels- many with art on display. I found the cutest needlework shop in Victoria and they had 12″ circular needles 🙂

We stopped in many native art galleries!

Mother Wolf-Harvest Moon by Maynard Johnny Jr. from the Perpetual Salish exhibition

Is there anything more charming than a horse-drawn trolley?

At night, the Parliament building is lit up by the waterfront- so magical!

Next we were off to see the famous Butchart Gardens, which was still breathtaking even though it was late fall.


Mio amore! Jeff with his favorite sweet treat in the Italian garden ♥



In the Japanese Garden at Butchart…



We stopped at Hatley Castle to find two peacocks tending the gardens. Be still my heart.



On the way to Vancouver, we took another ferry.

Love this shot with the reflection in the water…

Throughout the city, we found amazing public art and mosaics…


Chinatown and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden




A mosaic for each animal of the Chinese zodiac…

Stanley Park has an amazing collection of totem poles honoring their First People.

We strolled through the Nitobe Japanese Garden at UBC. Each lantern around the garden represents a stage in life from beginning to end- such a spiritual place.

We got lost in the labyrinth at VanDusen Botanical Gardens!

In North Vancouver, we stopped by a local native art gallery.

Downtown, we visited local artists studios/shops at Granville Island.

The Gasthaus district is charming with it’s historical architecture and native art galleries.

Leave it to us to find Little Italy in Vancouver too, it’s a small strip along Commercial Drive. 🙂

And of course, I had to bring home some art!

 (applique laser cut Orcas by Quilts with a Twist, I sewed and added beads.)
Kolus by Beau Dick, Whale by Dwyane Simeon, Ancestor’s Journey by Ben Houstie
 April Moon by Betty Albert

Love you BC. ♥